The Nuts-and-Bolts

In my previous posts I mention how I do not know what career path I want to take, but I do want to help others. I have been doing some research, and I am learning some beneficial information on what it takes to start up my own non-profit organization. I have always had the idea of starting some sort of recreational/learning facility for students with behavioral problems and/or disabilities.

On there are many helpful reads anyone wanting to start their own non-profit should read. In one article titled Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Own Organization ( writer includes five very simple, yet important, questions you might want to ask yourself before beginning your own organization. One of the questions really made me think, “Is anyone else doing this?” It is very, very important to do your research thoroughly before starting something because chances are somone out there has already identified the same problem as you.

In reading the article I also learned that there is a difference betweeb a non-profit organization and a social enterprise. “A non-profit has a social mission, while a social enterprise has a social mission and a profit driven mission”( There is a lot to learn from deciding what your mission is to networking, getting the financial support from others, and learning how to work with volunteers. A lot goes into starting an organization, a successful one anyway. I have a lot of research to do before I can even begin to get started on my own organization.

I know it will take a lot out of me, and I will have to commit 110% to achieve my goal. It is a goal I am willing to seek, and succeed in because this is something I truly believe in. I just want to let readers know that it is possible to make a difference in the world, and you should not get discouraged by your failures but it should only push you to keep going and not give up.


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